All colors made me happy: even gray.

My eyes were such that literally they took photographs.


manic panic

manic panic: electric lizard

dirty by celiaedell

+  12:32 pm, by candycoloredhair102

manic panic: electric banana, vampire red, shocking blue, purple haze, hot hot pink.

rainbow waves by rainbow-hair

+  12:27 pm, by candycoloredhair31


+  04:49 pm, by candycoloredhair60

I don’t know if this is a good enough picture, but it’s manic panic’s electric lava :D

+  05:35 am, by witchblitz3

Manic panic: Atomic turquoise, enchanted green, purple haze, ultra violet

+  05:03 am, by pitofshame-deactivated2013032714

manic panic red passion :)

+  03:58 am, by stuuupes11
Manic Panic turquoise and Special effects pink. Love it!

Manic Panic turquoise and Special effects pink. Love it!

12:20 pm, by moremoshlessmacho-deactivated2021

this is of me, 2008.

Special effects cherry bomb, special effects napalm orange, special effects limelight, manic panic electric banana, special effects pimpin’ purple, special effects blue mayhem, special effects atomic pink.

+  11:39 am, by air-balloon-road-deactivated20140

I used Red passion, Hot hot pink, And electric banana From manic Panic, And, Beyond The Zone Color Jamz Crimson Storm.

+  08:58 am, by bobbryar1